Saturday, 24 October 2015

Polkadoodles Create & Craft show and THOSE shoes!

Ok, so I said I'd be back this weekend with my instructions to making the shoes covered with pages from Nikkys fabulous Florabunda colouring book CD. It's now sold out on Create and Craft, but you can get your copy of both the first and second CD here 

So down to business:

1. Using cheap copy paper, curve this round the shape of one the outside edge of one of your shoes, so it fits tightly at the edges & trace the edge lightly with a pencil.

2. Repeat step 1, but for the inside edge and the toe and cut, making a note on each piece on the side facing out from the shoe, which section it is for and whether it's left or right. (Note, there is no need to cut a second set for the other shoe, just flip the ones you've already done!)

3. Now the hard bit, choose which of Nikkys gorgeous papers you want use.

4. Using your templates, trace round them and cut directly out of the colouring page. I managed to fit all three templates onto one A4 print out.

5. Flip your templates, and repeat for the other shoe, you should now have six sections ready to colour. (Be sure to note and the back of each in pencil left/right and inside edge/outside edge)

6. Get colouring! I would recommend using alcohol markers for a tidier and brighter finish. This is because the glue you will be using will be water based and any other medium may smudge when pasting the glue on.

7. If you are using a smooth pair of shoes, gently rub the exterior with sandpaper, this helps the paper and glues to adhere to shoe.

8. Using a either a thin PVA or other clear drying glue (I've used Mod Podge), cover the underside of one of the coloured side sections and manipulate it onto the side of the shoe. This can take some time to get all the edges in the right places, but the more glue you use, the easier it will be to move, but be careful not to tear the paper, as it will be quite wet and delicate.

9. (Now the messy bit!) When the side piece seems pretty much in the right position, paste more of the glue over this and smooth with your finger. This gives you more opportunity to get everything in just the right place.

10. Repeat for the second section and the toe and leave to dry.

11. If you are intending to wear your shoes outside, now use either a varnish or Mod Podge Exterior (with the green label) and cover the shoe completely again, this time though, pay particular attention to the edges of the paper, to ensure water can't get under them. Again leave to dry completely.

12. As a finishing touch, I've used fringed ribbon round the edge, it just gives them a little bit of 'Je ne sais quoi!'

13. ENJOY! Enjoy all the admiring comments you're going to get, for a a pair of very pretty and very unique shoes!


  1. Wow, thank you for the tutorial, I must try!!! Rhode shoes are stunning!!!

  2. Absolutely amazing. What a great project x

  3. These are fabulous!
    Linda xxx

  4. Wow this is an amazing project. Hugs Jackie

  5. Wow, Wendy these are terrific, love the papers and the colours.

    Hugs Erin xx

  6. Awesome, Wendy, love them, hugs xxx